Visit us at the top of Europe, at the end of the main road where you balance on the edge of the continent, yet in the tiny fishing village of Skarsvag that is also the most Nordic fishing village in the entire world. Besides, it is the closest village to the one and only North Cape; Europes most nordic point.

Skarsvag is a gem for photography, with rough rocky landscapes and feisty fjords closing in on you. The emerald, icy waters are home to a never-ending list of whale species and arctic birds, and curious groups of seals watching over you.

Hop on a boat and experience not only the mesmerizing excitement of spotting the biggest mammals of the ocean, but also find yourself emerging in a cloud of birds you will not easily find, from the cutest puffins to the king of the air; the sea eagle (seagulls guaranteed). Or go out on the ocean with us to find the king crab, the vikings of Norway, crawling over the bottom of the fjords in huge groups.

Inhale the purest, coldest air, and exhale all negativity that will seem so small, where nature is so big. If besides all that watching massive seals resting on fascinating rock formations that geologically can be hard to explain, is not adventurous enough yet, you can also join, or even rent your own boat, to go fish one of the largest and rarest fish species a fisher dreams of, in these pearly fjords.

And a not unimportant plus, in winter time you are almost ensured to be seeing lady aurora perform her colorful dance in the sky for you, amongst the starriest skies you dreamed of. If sun is more your thing, come enjoy this fairytale town later, when reindeer take over, when the sun watches over us 24/7 and charges the battery of all life here to the fullest, including yours. I can promise you, Skarsvåg might be so still, but it will make you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before.